Living Christmas Trees, White Dogwoods, Paeony, Hosta, Mugho Pines, are now in


The first dormant spray for your fruit trees is coming up soon. They should lose their leaves very soon and as soon as they do, it is time for the first dormant spray of the season. Use copper mixed with horticultural oil or Neem oil. Spray the entire tree. This is to prevent leaf curl and any fungus problems that may come up. It will also help to prevent or minimize fireblight.

The next application will be in December right around Christmas.

Pink Dogwoods, Japanese Maples, & Rhododendrons Have Arrived

Pink Dogwoods, Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons, and other Oregon stock arrived Friday.

We have another shipment due next week which will include white dogwoods, living Christmas Trees, paeonies, hostas and other Oregon stock

We have Pink, and Cherokee Chief (Dark Rosey Pink) dogwoods in now. Just arrived.

We also just got in some Pieris japonica, Tulip magnolias, some very nice Japanese Maples, and Rhododendrons.

Our bare root fruit tree list is now available as well. If you would like a copy, let me know and I will email one to you. Bare root fruit trees will be in late December. If you want to place an order in advance off of our list, we will need a 50% deposit to hold the trees then the balance due when they are in and picked up.

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October 2019 Newsletter

We are having some nice fall weather now. We had a bit of rain last weekend and now temperatures in the low to mid 80’s in the forecast. Now is the time for fall planting. FALL IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR FOR PLANTING TREES AND SHRUBS

Our FALL SALE FLYER is now out. You can request one via email and I will send it to you or you can pick one up at the nursery. It will be distributed in the Grass Valley area in the newspaper and it will be mailed to Loma Rica/ Browns Valley and surrounding foothill areas.

Our BARE ROOT FRUIT TREE LIST FOR JANUARY 2020 is now available. We have copies available at the nursery or I can email you a list upon request.

Fall fertilizing should be done now. If you have not done your fall fertilizing yet you should do it as soon as possible. This fertilizing is important because it gives plants a good boost and also gives them stored food for winter. Next spring they will use that stored food for growth as soon as the weather warms. A balanced fertilizer is good for almost everything in the landscape. Citrus trees would like a citrus fertilizer and this should be the last application for them for the season. Don’t feed them in the winter. Rhododendrons and azaleas should not be fertilized now unless it is with a bloom fertilizer. This will help give more blooms next spring. The same could be used on Dogwoods if you have one that does not want to bloom well. It may help.

The weather is now ideal for fall planting of trees and shrubs. Fall planted trees and shrubs develop roots through the cooler fall and even into the winter and then are ready to take off and grow next spring and will be well established by summer to get through the heat of the summer with no problems.

Next month we will be getting in our Blueberries, pomegranates, figs and also berries. I don’t know of the exact dates but I will notify via email and on our Facebook page when they come in.

Also due in next month, Dogwoods and Rhododendrons and live Christmas Trees. Also larger Japanese Maples and other items that come in from Oregon.

Don’t forget to do your dormant spraying of your fruit trees this winter during the dormant season. It is too early now, but the first spraying will need to be done in November. Use copper mixed with horticultural oil or Neem oil and spray the entire tree as well as the trunk. Rake up leaves from this year when they fall to help reduce the spread of the fungus that causes leaf curl. Remember to spray 3 times during the dormant season. We suggest Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines day as easy dates to remember.

It is time to plant your winter vegetables if you have not already done so. We will have them available for another 2 or 3 weeks. When you plant, use a vegetable fertilizer in the soil before planting and then re apply about 1/2 way through the season.

Happy Birthday Chester and Jessie!
Chester and Jessie are 10 years old this month. A little slower than they used to be but Chester will still try to play fetch. If he brings a rock, please don’t theow it for him. He breaks his teeth. I’m trying to break the habit. “Old dog new tricks”. It’s proving to be a hard habit to break. When you are in wish them a Happy Birthday. They will be glad to get the attention.

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather we are having. And remember that fall is the best time for planting trees and shrubs.

We hope to see you soon.


Onion Sets and Garlic Are Now In

Onion Sets:
Yellow, Red and White onions – $2.60 / pound, Sweet onions – $4.95 / pound.
Garlic – $4.50 / pound
Elephant Garlic – $6.25 / pound
Shallots – $6.25 / pound

All available now for fall planting. Cooler weather ahead. Shorter days, cool mornings. FALL PLANTING SEASON IS HERE.

Winter vegetables are now in as well.

Avocados Arrived 4/17/19

We just received our Avocados. We have Bacon, Mexicola, Zutano, all of which are cold hardy for our area. Mexicola cross pollinates with Bacon or Zutano. Zutano and Bacon do not cross pollinate with each other. Trees are semi self fruitful but having A Mexicola with one of the other varieties for cross pollination will produce larger crops of fruit. All varieties produce fruit.

Avocados need good drainage and some afternoon shade in the hottest part of the summer.

We also have 5 Hass avocados. They are not cold hardy for our area but some people have had success if they are planted in an area that does not get hard freezes. If you want to try a Hass, you must find an area that is protected from freeze. Most normal areas around here are not good. Choose your location carefully if you want to grow a Hass avocado in our area.

Avocados are $36.00 each.

Bare Root Fruit Trees Are In

Our bare root fruit trees are all in. We are heeling in the standard size today and will be working on the semi-dwarf tomorrow. Shop early for the best selection. If you would like a price list, email me and I can send one to you via email. It’s an excellent time to get your fruit trees in. The selection is great right now.

2019 Bare Root Roses are in

2019 Bare Root Roses are in and ready for sale. We are potting and staking the tree roses as I send this. They are available as well.

All of the bare root roses are now in and ready for sale. $18.00 each for bare root bush or climber roses. If you would rather take it in the pot, they are $21.00.

  • 36″ Tree Roses $40.00 each.
  • 36″ Twofer Tree Roses $45.00 (Two varieties on one tree)
  • 24″ Tree Roses $29.50 each.

Bare Root Fruit Trees will be coming soon. I will send an additional email when they are in.

Time for the first of three dormant spray applications.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines Day are the three dates to remember for dormant spray applications on your fruit trees, The first application should be done this week or very soon after. As soon as the rain stops and the trees have lost their leaves. Use Liquicop mixed with Horticultural Oil or Neem Oil. Spray the entire tree. Spray all your deciduous fruit trees in your orchard to prevent leaf curl, reduce the chance of fireblight and kill overwintering insects. Healthier trees will be the result next spring.

Kind regards,
Jeff Rice

Dogwoods, Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons and live Christmas Trees Just Arrived.

Dogwoods, Living Christmas Trees, Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons, and other Oregon stock arrived yesterday.

We have White, Pink, and Cherokee Chief (Dark Rosey Pink) dogwoods in now. Just arrived.
We also have a nice selection of Colorado Spruce and Dwarf Alberta Spruce.
Also just got in some Exbury Azaleas (deciduous azalea), Tulip magnolias, some very nice Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons, Mugho Pines, and other Oregon Stock.

And below is a picture of Chester and Jessie when they were about two months old. Now they are 9. Not plant related but very cute puppies. Great dogs now. Always happy to see everybody.

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