We have Erosion Control seed and Annual Rye seed to use to stabilize areas that were burned. We were fortunate and the fires were held about one to two miles from us. We did get evacuated and were not able to conduct business for several days, but we are now past that and open with […]


BRING A DONATION AND GET 15% OFF YOUR PURCHASE We are helping two teachers from Foothill School raise donations to help those impacted by the fire in our community. I am paraphrasing what they are doing but this is it. Two Foothill School teachers will be doing a donation drop off drive thru behind the […]

October 2017 Newsletter

We are having some nice fall weather now after a long hot summer. Glad that is behind us. Now is the time for fall planting. FALL IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR FOR PLANTING TREES AND SHRUBS Fall fertilizing should be done now as well. If you have not done your fall fertilizing yet you […]

Onion Sets and Garlic Are Now In

Onion Sets: Yellow, Red and White onions – $2.35 / pound, Sweet onions – $4.50 / pound. Garlic – $4.10 / pound Elephant Garlic – $9.50 / pound Shallots – $5.75 / pound All available now for fall planting. Cooler weather ahead. Shorter days, cool mornings. FALL PLANTING SEASON IS HERE. Winter vegetables are now […]

August 2017 Newsletter

August is a good time to start planning for the fall planting and if it is not too warm you can get a jump on the fall planting season. Looks like we will be cooler for a couple of weeks. Well, cooler than the summer has been so far. Remember that fall is the best […]

July 2017 Newsletter

July started off with a little cool after a pretty warm June. There have been some temperature spikes but then it is cooling down in between. Get out early and beat the warm part of the day and do planting and landscaping early when it’s nice and cool. Many of our customers find they have […]

Water Well to Prepare for the Heat

Be sure to give all your landscape a good watering ahead of the heat and during the heat. We will have very hot temperatures starting Sunday through Wednesday. Increase the water to your plants during this period. Increase the water in anticipation of the heat. Well watered, deeply soaked plants will get through without damage. […]

June 2017 Newsletter

June has gone like the rest of the spring this year as far as the weather goes. It has been very warm and then cool. We have some rain and cool weather for about another week. And looking at the long range forecast on my weather app, it looks like it will be nice. WATERING […]

May 2017 Newsletter

May 2017 marks 32 years in business for us here at Bald Mountain Nursery. My parents, Richard and Cecilia Rice started the business in 1985. Richard Rice (Dad) passed away in 2005. I joined the business in 1992 and have been fortunate enough to raise my son here and have him grow up around the […]

April 2017 Newsletter

WE WILL BE CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY. Well, it seems that winter is not wanting to end this year. But really with the moisture and the cooler weather, it is a great time for planting. Many things are needing to be done in the landscape during April. Rhododendrons should have the flower trusses that are spent […]